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World Bank Research Grants on Forced Displacements in Africa

World Bank Research Grants on Forced Displacements

World Bank Program – Building the Evidence on Forced Displacement.

In support of these efforts, the UK Department for International Development (DFID) has invested £13 million over seven years (2016-2023) for the development of new research on protracted forced displacement through a joint partnership between DFID, the World Bank Group and UNHCR.

This program will generate evidence on what works to ensure future investments are well targeted and represent good value for money.

The goal is to better understand how policy measures and development investments, and their interaction with local contexts, can help reduce inequalities, alleviate social tensions, and promote social cohesion between and within displaced populations and host communities.

The papers generated from this call will be used as background papers to prepare a report on this topic. The evidence generated through this research program will inform World Bank programming and UNHCR protection programs in forced displacement contexts.




The program consists of five activities that will contribute to different aspects of research that are critical to build the evidence base on protracted forced displacement situations:

Shedding light on global questions: This initiative will finance large multi-country and multi-partner research projects that address questions of global interest related to forced displacement in four strategic thematic areas: jobs, health, education, and social protection.

Through a global tender, grants will be allocated to lead research institutions to produce analyses that shed light on these global questions.

Education: Building the Evidence for What Works.

Health: Big Questions in Forced Migration and Health

Social Protection: Social Protection Responses to Displacement and Integration

Jobs: Global Questions on Forced Displacement and Jobs

Gender: Building the evidence base on gender specific vulnerabilities in forced displacement contexts


The second is the establishment of a research network of senior and junior scholars working on forced displacement with microdata.



Effect of Armed Conflict on Intimate Partner Violence: Evidence from the Boko Haram Insurgency in Nigeria


Consultancy contracts with the World Bank. The terms of the contracts will be agreed with each contracted scholar, with the total amount of contracts per paper limited to $25,000.

Target Populations

Research will target five groups including the population of origin, refugees, IDPs, hosts and returnees.

The questions addressed by research proposals may relate to one of these populations, to several of these groups or to the relations between groups.

Geographical Areas

Priority geographical areas include Sub Saharan Africa with a focus on the countries located immediately South of the Sahara desert, the North Africa and Middle East region with particular emphasis on the Mashreq countries and South Asia with particular emphasis on Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Apply by 30th July.

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