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Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) COVID-19 Digital Sprint Hackathon

People across disciplines are invited to take part in a series of hackathons to crunch data to gain new insights into the impact of Covid-19.

The NERC Covid-19 Digital Sprint will take place over June, and organisers are calling on environmental researchers, health and social scientists, and data specialists to join the challenge.

Entrants will work together or individually to draw from key NERC digital assets and datasets to consider the environmental impacts and consequences of COVID-19 and create a wealth of open, digital, environmental solutions to the pandemic.


Awards of up to £3000 are available to teams and individuals for the solutions that best help us understand and address COVID-19 impact.

The Awards

For each Hackathon and the Kaggle Challenge:


The competitions are open to all comers, and although we anticipate entrants with expertise in the environmental sciences, we also anticipate those joining from other disciplines – including engineering, the humanities, medicine and bioinformatics, and computer and data science.

We encourage the formation of teams for entering the hackathon and encourage these teams to adopt a multi-disciplinary approach. Individuals are also welcome to enter and all entrants are encouraged to compete in more than one event. Events are independent.

Entrants are encouraged to compete in more than one of the events.

Each entrant must provide themselves with a team name.

Deadline: 29th June, 2020

Apply Here:

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