The HNG Internship is an ambitious attempt to change the way education is done in Africa. It’s the bridge between learning to code and becoming the best in the world.


HNG Intership aim is to help everyone willing to kick-start a career in tech without distance being a barrier. We have made our internship flexible to accommodate you regardless of your location or timezone.

HNG Internship gives room for effective teamwork while interns work on real-life projects. You get the chance to collaborate with other creatives from different parts of the world, which prepares you for future team collaborations outside the internship.

During the course of the internship, you will be introduced to different projects to work on. These projects could be added to your portfolio as quality samples to put you ahead of the competition when job hunting.


The HNG internship is a 3-month remote internship designed to find and develop the most talented software developers. Everyone is welcomed to participate (there is no entrance exam). Anyone can log into the internship using their laptop.

Deadline: 1st June, 2020

Apply Here: